Is the Master Cleanse Real?

Does cleansing your body by purging your guts using sea water not do something horrific to your system?

Is the weight loss long term or do you start putting the pounds back on the minute you stop the lemonade diet- where of course you will lose weight since you’re ingesting nothing but lemonade, cayenne pepper and maple syrup?

Who has done it and actually kept the weight off afterwards?

SEA Aquarium: Is it worth the $38 admission fee?

This was probably my favorite spot … sat here for about 20 minutes just watching the marine life swim to and fro.


As I sat there I wondered about Steve Irwin and the Sting Ray that killed him.  So I googled the difference between the Manta Rays and Sting Rays and found that these gigantic mantas are actually gentler, having no barbs in their tails.


They were actually really playful, spinning over and over again in the column of air bubbles generated by the divers who were doing some maintenance work inside.


These fake wrecks are kinda cool as a visual for those who don’t dive.  I hope they look better and better over time, having real coral grow on them.


Moray eels- scary looking critters.  This tank is filled with them.


Can you see the super camouflaged sea dragons?  Most people think there’s nothing in these tanks because they don’t read the signs so this is one of the few windows that doesn’t have 30 people with their faces pressed against the glass.


I can’t help but think, “tasty” when I saw these lobsters.